The Project Management Gameboard

Where Everyone Wins!

The Project Management GameBoard is kinda like cheating. People that use it experience a greater project win rate because it's super simple, repeatable, and actually fun!

The Project Management GameBoard is a framework for project managers and sponsors to successfully deliver projects.

Our team of experienced project managers, strategists, and educators use the GameBoard framework to help you manage and rescue projects or train any team member – even your Project Sponsor! 

Clients of the GameBoard find that it takes the mystery out of project management.  We then use it to help them diagnose the best places to improve their project delivery.  We then collaborate to build tools, templates and meeting techniques to get projects performing better. 

Our proven “what I need, when I need it” method also defines the key culture conditions to enable project success. The Literal center of the GameBoard approach is a focus on psychological safety of teams, culture, and communications.

Why Do Projects Fail?

We have relentlessly researched the causes, symptoms, and results of project failure for decades across every possible discipline. The Project Management GameBoard was created in direct response to that problem.

$122 Million Wasted

For every $1billion invested in the US, $122million is wasted due to lacking project performance Source:

75% Fail

75% of business and IT executives expect that their software projects will fail. Source:

80% Don't Know

80% of project management executives don't know how their projects align with their company's business strategy. Source: Changepoint

Why Use The Project GameBoard?

The GameBoard is a 21 module response to the scourge that is project failure across businesses worldwide. It Is a multi-faceted response to a complex problem but here are three of the main benefits of our service.

Simple to Understand

The GameBoard is light on geek-speak about things like Gantt Charts and earned value. It can be understood by even novice PMs yet full of learning for advanced PMs

Simple to Communicate

The visual experience combined with a relatable metaphor makes it easy to communicate across the team - and across the organization

Industry Agnostic

Applicable to every type of project and industry - manufacturing to software - aircraft engineering to service organizations

Check Out the Board

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The Project Management Gameboard Origin Story


"When starting out it's not necessarily about doing the project right. It's doing the right project."

-Annie MacLeod, Co-Founder, Project Management GameBoard

mel clifford gameboard

"Projects fail because of people. The better you created the conditions for your people to feel heard and understood, the better chance of successful projects."

-Mel Clifford, Co-Founder, Project Management GameBoard

"Investing in your organizational culture will give you the biggest return than any other endeavour."

-Trent Janisch, Co-Founder, Project Management GameBoard