When it’s time
to level up your

Project Management Coaching

Are you wondering how to apply all your PM training? Are you wanting to up level your portfolio of projects? Are you looking to improve your virtual skills?

We use the Project Management GameBoard to zero in on where you want to build your skills

With literally decades of experience and most of it virtual we’re able to give you tried and true templates, techniques and feedback you can apply immediately.

With all the PM training that’s invested in why are PMs still struggling to deliver?

Stressed Out PM

With all the training that’s available – PMI, certificate programs, masters and even PHD programs – why are Project Managers struggling so much to be effective?

We think its because all that training doesn’t help you practically apply what you’ve learned in:

  • your situation
  • your project
  • your organization

That’s where the PMGB, coaching & mentoring really shines! We have the tool – the PMGB – to quickly zero in on where you’re having challenges. Then we have decades of knowledge and tons of templates you can customize to your project and your organization. If we haven’t built it – we can show you where to go to get one. We can also give you some career development advice and feedback on where your strengths and development goals should be.

Project Management is one of the most demanding and the demanded skills in the marketplace – let’s get started!

Required Commitments

You will need to participate in:

  • Kickoff interview – “run the board”
  • Weekly one hour coaching sessions
  • Homework
  • Updates in Miro
  • Retrospective on what you learned
  • Credit Card Payment in advance

Required State of Mind

You will need to be:

  • Honest
  • Humble
  • A good listener
  • Teachable
  • Collaborative