Virtual Meeting Tune Up Workshop

Do you hate your meetings?

When was the last time everyone participated in your meeting?

Are your meetings getting results?

Our free Virtual Meeting Tune-Up workshop teaches you to:

  • have a clear outcome in mind
  • have a process to achieve that outcome
  • make sure the meetings are a good use of everyone’s time

In remote and hybrid meetings, your time “together” is precious and needs to be maximized! In this session, we will help you practice how to effectively use tools and processes to ensure engagement and best use everyone’s time.

Leveraging our decades of people and project management experience the Project Management GameBoard & Teamit bring you our Free Virtual Meeting Tune-Up.

You will bring your most challenging meeting – either from the past or planned in the future and we’ll give it a tune-up together!

Look Under The Hood Of Your Meeting

“Calling a meeting” is rarely the best thing to do.

This workshop will ensure you have the right process to achieve the meeting outcome you’re looking for

Too often, people don’t know how to move things forward.

You will get to work with YOUR meeting and take away a plan to make it hum on all cylinders.

We want people focusing on including everyone to resolve the issue, problem or decision needing to be made

We’ll be collaborating in Miro to learn some Miro and facilitation skills!