Project Timeline Builder Workshop

Looking to move beyond debilitatingly unreasonable deadlines?

Excited to move your team beyond obsession with the “shiny thing?”

Anticipating the joy of having a team that doesn’t jump from idea to action too quickly?

The GameBoard Timeline Builder Workshop will give you a detailed framework to …

  • Create a plan that has everyone’s input,
  • Visualize a critical path to winning the project, and
  • Equip you with the power to say “no”

How often do you get an unreasonable deadline for your project?  How can you manage those expectations and create a timeline that is achievable?

If your projects are properly scoped and the timelines are effectively developed and communicated, “no” can be easy. Even fun. With a dash of shadenfreude.

Let’s get together over a workshop to help you “see the end from the beginning” and build a rock-solid timeline with key stakeholders AND communicate it!

What you get

Planning Backwards

Learn to work through a sample project from end to beginning with collaborators.

Pessimistic, Likely, Optimistic Time Estimates

Learn to estimate the length of the longest tasks and combine to create your Critical Path.

Communicating the Plan

Just the facts! Learn how to communicate clearly and concisely to ensure buy-in.