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Where Everyone Wins!

The Project Management GameBoard is kinda like cheating.

It gives PMs and organizations the ability to zero in on exactly where their projects are getting stuck and fix it!

The Project Management GameBoard is a tool for project managers to build their skills and for organizations to add collaboration best practices to their toolkit.

We have the templates, tools and consulting services for you to build your skills, improve your organizations PM practices and get projects delivered. We use the PMGB to zero in one where there are issues and then work with you to build custom PM practices that work for your organization.

Alternatively, if you’re more of a self-starter we have templates and reference material for you to customize for your own use.

Our proven techniques are tried and true – field-tested over the last 30 years to harness the power of teams and build a culture of freedom and responsibility. Also, none of this requires you to buy new software – we can show you how to utilize the tools you have to achieve the best results.

How do you setup projects for success?

We have taken project practices that worked for decades in face-in-face successful project teams and translated them into the digital world and then field tested them to ensure they work for distributed and hybrid teams and that they truly make teams and projects more successful.

70% of meetings are a waste of time.

Unnecessary and non-productive meetings prevent real work from getting done as well as frustrate employees.

2/3 of Millennials aren’t engaged.

Organizations are struggling to attract and retain their employees.

70% of projects fail customers.

Project failures mean that competitive and strategic goals aren’t met. Money and capacity is wasted.

How does the Project Management Gameboard help?

The GameBoard is a straightforward, simple-to-understand tool to zero in on where your project issues are and fix those to see immediate results.

Getting Rid of Meetings that suck!

We believe that meetings are the thorn in the side of every employee. We have the tools to ensure meetings only happen when necessary, are to the point, the right people are in the room and that the meeting results in actions.

We will probably also have some fun along the way to make sure the creative juices are flowing.

Timely Informed Decision Making

A huge complaint we hear in so many organizations and projects is ‘why can’t they just make a decision.’ Collaborative decision-making doesn’t have to be onerous —it does need to be structured.

If you want to ensure you are making informed decisions that are communicated effectively and timely we know how to do that.

Improving Team Accountability

More and more organizations are operating in dynamic teams. How do you ensure those teams are effective, efficient and responsive to deliver the value needed by the organization?

This comes through a thorough understanding of their role in the project is and direct control of how and when it is achieved. We have the processes and coaching to make that happen.

Managing Client Expectations

So many organizations deliver projects to customers, but how do you take into account the unique nuances and expectations that each client has? How can you adapt your project processes to their needs while not losing what’s made you great?