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Relentlessly Focused on High Impact Outcomes

Our custom facilitation and consulting services use the Project Management GameBoard as the methodology and learning backbone. The purpose-built GameBoard, used successfully to help hundreds of projects succeed, was created in response to the ultimate question “Why do so many projects fail?”.

World-class project managers, Annie MacLeod and Mel Clifford created the Gameboard as a simple, creative, and powerful methodology. In conjunction with Trent Janisch who integrated the power of having a successful team culture to support the delivery of all projects within organisations. Our team is now using that same effective framework for an array of services. Here are the most popular:

Our team of project management and business consultants have turned around dozens of projects and undertaken hundreds of successful implementations.

Create New Value

Advance the cause by focusing your teams with active, intense, and collaborative experiences so they can see, understand, and solve the most important challenges to your business.

Clarity, Engagement, Alignment

Real change happens through healthy team engagement. We give teams a new set of tools to show respect, clarity, and alignment across the organization.

High Impact Outcomes

Today’s challenges are often remarkably complex. We help you simplify and standardize the approach to ensure a repeatable, scalable – and often fun – outcome.