– Annie MacLeod

Our Training Events

Decades of successful, front-line project management led world-class PMs and business strategists, Annie MacLeod and Mel Clifford, developed the Project Management GameBoard to help other PMs reduce the likelihood of project failure.


They use the GameBoard as the backbone to train project managers and to facilitate sessions in direct response to client need. The Project Management GameBoard has four main pillars:


Does this even qualify as a project?

How do we plan for success?

How do I successfully implement the plan?

What learnings can we take forward to the next project?


GameBoard Starter Pack

We will show you how to conduct your own Stakeholder Alignment workshop. The activities we demonstrate are just the first step to engaging stakeholders in your context to solve the most critical project management problems.


Our free Scope Development Workshop teaches you to…

  • Gather expectations from your team,
  • Build out a comprehensive scope document,
  • Say “no” when you need to, and
  • Defeat the evil “Scope Creep”!


The GameBoard Timeline Builder Workshop will give you a detailed framework to …

  • Create a plan that has everyone’s input,
  • Visualize a critical path to winning the project, and
  • Equip you with the power to say “no”