Stakeholder Alignment Workshop

Not sure how to get your project started properly?

Want to gather invaluable information from your key stakeholders?

The Stakeholder Alignment Workshop which defines project success will turn that frown upside down!

The free Project Success Workshop is Here!

The Project Management GameBoard team is offering a FREE introduction to the GameBoard and two key techniques—The Project Priority Triangle and Who, Won & Done.  In this free experience, we will introduce you to the GameBoard through Miro and walk you through some fun and practical tools to get your project off on the right foot and align your stakeholders.

We will begin to show you the power of a virtual whiteboarding experience that you can conduct on your own. The activities are just the first step to setting your project up for success or to realign expectations from those nasty change requests!

The Project Management GameBoard method combines fun and games with three decades of project management experience to give you everything you need to align your key stakeholders while clarifying their expectations. Every person participating is sure to be on the same page at the end of the workshop.

What you get

Practical presentation and hands-on activities with an expert.

Walkthrough of the first steps of our proven workshop on the Project Priority Triangle.

Key exercise: The collaborative Sweet Potato Mash Up!

Next Step Action Plan!

Take the impact of the Project Priority Triangle and Who, Won & Done exercise and start building your project success!