– Annie MacLeod, Co-Founder of the Project Management GameBoard

Effective Project Management is More Important than ever before

As the world gets ever more complex, the core function and process of project management is more important now than ever. Project management has become a skill that transcends department, company, and industry.

As the saying goes “Manage a project and get a successful project. Develop a successful project manager and get a successful company!”

The GameBoard Team has worked on successful projects across the globe in wireless, IT, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, finance, aviation, retail, and more over the last 30 years. We have worked with hundreds of clients, over thousands of projects, ranging from $100s of millions in municipal infrastructure to process improvements projects.

Why a GameBoard?

We could have used almost any metaphor or framework to teach our unique methodology. But, we chose a GameBoard because, well, it’s a bit of fun when things get intense.

We know from experience that ensuring a project succeeds can be incredibly stressful. So we launched the Project Management GameBoard to both simplify and funify your work!

It’s simple, memorable, easy to share, and focuses on collaboration and effective teams. You can jump into the GameBoard at any point and use it to ensure success.

GameBoard Benefits

One Stop Project Managment Solution

The Project Management GameBoard covers the complete lifecycle of every project from “does this even qualify as a project?” to “planning for success” to “plan implementation” to “project closure and lessons learned”

Culture of Freedom & Security

Truly successful projects are buiilt on quality communication and trust.

The literal centre of the GameBoard is a focus on culture to get it done – the right way, first time.

From Theory to Your Boardroom

Decades of practical experience have lead to this action-focused-theory behind the GameBoard.

We have built loads of tools and activities to ensure every part is applicable to your project, team, and organization.

The Project Management GameBoard Founders


Annie MacLeod is an entrepreneur and founder of BICS Consulting.

She is a Certified Yellow Belt in Lean Six Sigma and a Project Management Professional (PMP). Her project management expertise ranges over three decades with a focus in projects that involve process improvement and implementation of computer systems.

A seasoned facilitator she now specializes in working with organizations undergoing rapid transitions, due to growth, amalgamations and/or re-organization.

mel clifford gameboard

Mel Clifford MBA, PMP is founder of CliffordRobbins Inc, an international speaker, author, and organizational change and project management expert. 

His personal passion is sharing the key philosophy that creating lasting change in any area of your life is impossible without first completely accepting personal responsibility and recognizing that change is in your hands.

He believes in honesty and trust and continues to support and challenge businesses to ensure that they are continually learning to support their growth. He believes it is vital to laugh and inject fun into business and one’s personal life.

Trent Janisch, author of the Canadian Amazon #1 bestseller 3 Steps to Better Relationships, works internationally as a Personal Development Coach and Corporate Trainer. He is also Co-Creator of The Foundation of Successful Teams – a powerful positive culture-building training program for companies.

Drawing upon wisdom from such fields as emotional intelligence, resilience, and neuroscience, Trent teaches people to take better charge of their peace of mind, productivity, and their quality of life at home, socially, and in the workplace.

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